Monday, May 20, 2013


Delighted by the overwhelming acclaims the game's visual received,  I thought I would post a few screenshots and talk briefly about the art and a few key concepts behind its realization.  I was responsible for developing the visual look, 3d assets, Illustrations, logo, textures, rigs, animations and finally, assembling it all in engine. I also
managed the efforts of two talented artists, Laura Franke and Tan Tantakosol in generating most of the UI elements and in-game cut-outs.

All screenshots are in-engine.

Strong emphasis was put onto lighting and atmosphere.
The logo and identity was inspired by a famous painting by  Belgian painter Magritte. Art Nouveau  inspired motifs enforced continuity throughout the wide variety of artistic elements.
The exterior scene mirrors the look and feel of its interior. 

A cool vs warm color palette was used in order to keep the player's attention on the center stage.
Different levels required different lighting scenarios and additional texture work.

Colliders, and triggers
In order to reproduce the feel of a traditional film response (25fps), I manually remapped the values of the light maps in Photoshop by altering the gamma curve. This in turn, deepened the shadows and increased contrast in a visually pleasing manner.
Posters give you something to watch during loading time and help build intrigue.

Reminds you of anything?
The main menu is set against an animated environment.

The camera moves in a set of cinematic angle

Atmospheric components such as fog lights and halos in conjunction with a wide angle camera lens give the impression that the scene is much bigger than it actually is.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed!

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